Collision Provenance using Decentralized Ledger as a Blockchain/Hashgraph in Swarm of Drones

Qazawat Zirak, Dmitriy Shashev
There has been a lot of research on drone swarms in recent years mostly focusing on the swarm pattern formation and communication aspects improving the coverage and latency of communication, however; the decentralization aspect of the swarm network is little in consideration. A peer-to-peer flying ad-hoc network might be a good solution to implement a decentralized swarm, but besides the physical layer of the network, there must be a mechanism which ensures the preservation, validity, immutability, and integrity of data ever emitted in the swarm. Since a decentralized network is not a leader-based network, it needs a mechanism for all the participants in the network to reach consensus on all actions. This is where a shared data structure in the form of blockchain/hashgraph can be introduced in the application layer. A change in state requires a consensus by all participants and mirroring of state change. We can leverage the immutable smart contracts in such a way that drones upload data to the topics created in those networks. Since, the data can not be altered it creates a trust layer for the drones, hence a good approach for provenance of collisions.