A First-Priority Set of Telepresence Services and a Model Network for Research and Education

Andrey Koucheryavy, Maria Makolkina, Alexander Paramonov, Anastasia Vybornova, Ammar Muthanna, Sergey Vladimirov, Anastasia Marochkina
A first-priority set of telepresence services is proposed, and the delay requirements and fault probabilities for these services are defined. The end-to-end latency and reliability requirements are derived from analysis of ITU-T, 3GPP, ETSI standards and recommendations. The characteristics of a next-generation model network for research and education in the field of telepresence services are discussed. The model network is based on a DWDM core, a variety of server equipment, holographic fans, 3D cameras and projectors, avatar robots and multifunctional robots, and augmented reality terminal devices. The results of the first tests on the model network are presented.